eDiscovery Strategy


Chuck Kellner

Chuck Kellner is an eDiscovery strategist with success helping in clients give and get the discovery they need with fairness and proportionality.  

Chuck's goal for his clients is to achieve complete and defensible discovery by employing industry best practices and by leveraging technologies appropriate to budget and task.

Chuck’s experience on both sides of the caption includes eDiscovery strategy, negotiation, testimony, protocols, CLE, policy crafting, consulting, sales, technology pricing, technology choices, and requests for proposals.

Chuck is not an attorney and his work does not constitute legal advice. Engagements are under the supervision of clients' counsel.

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  • ESI Protocols
  • Adequacy of Production
  • Meet and Confer
  • Litigation Readiness / Lit. Response Planning
  • Strategies for Preservation, Collection, & Legal Hold
  • Requests for Production
  • Discovery Motions
  • Cost, Burden, & Proportionality
  • Custodian Interviews / Data Mapping / Identification of ESI
  • Sampling & Defensible Deletion
  • Law Firm and Law Department Assessments
  • Cost Modeling / Return on Investment (ROI)
  • eDiscovery Continuing Legal Education (CLE)