Success Stories


Terabytes to Gigabytes to Documents

  • An Assistant General Counsel of a consumer products company called Chuck regarding discovery in a pending class action. Two different service providers had already said the project required the collection of three Terabytes of ESI containing an estimated 9 million documents. 

  • Chuck interviewed key players and evaluated the sources of ESI, narrowing the collection to 400 gigabytes, or about a million documents.  After effective and defensible further filtering, the AGC had about 45,000 documents to review, most of which were responsive. 

  • Estimated savings: $400,000


Motions to Compel / Meet & Confer

  • In multiple cases, Chuck provided the testimony to quantify the cost and burden of responding to particular discovery requests, helping to win a reasonable scope of discovery based on proportionality.
  • In one case, he demonstrated the insufficiency of the opposing party's production, helping to win on a Motion to Compel.
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eDiscovery Kickstart

  • A growing law firm sought to improve its eDiscovery skills and position itself to win bigger projects from larger clients.

  • Chuck tailored an education program that included onsite training, CLE classes, ESI protocol templates, and technology recommendations. 

  • The firm completed the engagement within six weeks of the first phone call!